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UV Window Stickers 3D Absorbed Frosted – Lvl Up Home

UV Window Stickers 3D Absorbed Frosted




Material: Green PVC electrostatic film, PET
Dimensions: 90cm X 50cm (Length * Width)
Color: Transparent

Electrostatic technology, no adhesive, easy to tear and easy to paste, reusable;
UV protection, 99% UV isolation;
Insulation, filter light and reduce glare;
Energy conservation, safety and environmental protection, quality products using PVC materials;
Protection of privacy, so enjoy the quiet and comfortable living space.
Suitable for kitchen balcony, living room windows, bedrooms bathrooms, office glass

1. Cleaned the glass surface
2. Sprayed amount of water on the surface of glass
3. Ripped on the back of the transparent protective film
4. When paste the stickers from one side to other side, and slowly tear
5. Smooth side directly attached to the glass
6. With a ruler or card scrapings out water and bubbles

Clean the glass method:
1. On the glass surface dirt, please use a flexible cloth and attach neutral detergent to wipe
2. when cleaning glass surfaces, avoiding use of thinner, gasoline and other chemicals

1. Glass film for indoor use, stickers in indoor glass surface
2. frosted glass, please paste on the smooth glass surface
3. often wet the bathroom and other places you should affixed on the outside

Package Included:
1 X 3D Static Cling Window Film


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